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Zangoo Team Building

August 15, 2021

The group building activity of Zangu Company was successfully completed.

Summer is the season of life.It made all living things feel alive, and everything around them seemed to come alive in summer!In such a beautiful season, the company for all employees to send a close contact with the nature of the group building activities!

The company arranged to meet at 8 o 'clock in the morning of August 15th at the downstairs of the company, waiting for the company's bus to take us directly to the site of the group construction!On the bus, everyone was looking forward to the games and awards of team building, and many colleagues who were not in the same department gradually got to know each other from this moment.When we arrived at the group building site, we took a group photo together. After taking the group photo, we entered the interactive part of the group building.

The successful holding of the team building activity not only made the colleagues of all departments of the company more friendly, but also made the big family of the company more cohesive!We believe that after this group building activity, our team will be more united, work together to do more perfect, and promote the development of the company together.